The project named "Conservation of selected habitats and species in Ostoja Słowińska PLH220023 and Pobrzeże Słowińskie PLB220003 Stage I" is being carried out within the Financial Instrument LIFE+ by the Słowiński National Park which has existed since 1967 and is one of the 23 national parks in Poland. It was created to preserve in the same beauty of the coastal lakes system, swamps, bogs, meadows, coastal forests and above all the dune spit zone with unique moving dunes in Europe.

By the Order No. 59/201 dated 5th November 2014, the Director of the Słowiński Park entrusted the  Project Team with the implementation of the project composed of:

Project Coordinator - Małgorzata Adrian,
Deputy Project Coordinator – Paulina Sopek,
Accountant - Dominika Rybacka,
Legal counsel - Elżbieta Miecznikowska,
Employee for Public procurement - Arlena Hyralecka-Miller,
Specialist in environmental effects monitoring - Ireneusz Izydorek,
Specialist in nature conservation – ornithologist - Artur Kulwas
Specialist in nature conservation - Grzegorz Kupczak,
Specialist in water protection - Łukasz Czajkowski,
Specialist in education - Kamila Wiewiórska,
Personal and payroll employee - Anna Jazowska,
Construction employee - Agnieszka Pydyś,
GIS (Geographic Information Science) employee – Maciej Radzikowski.