The project named " Conservation of selected habitats and species in Ostoja Słowińska PLH220023 and Pobrzeże Słowińskie PLB220003 Stage I" is first of all supervised in accordance with the signed agreements - by the sponsors of the project in question, i.e. The European Commission and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw.

In addition, the European Commission appointed to support the Słowiński National Park Mrs. Edyta Owadowska-Cornil as Project Monitor. The tasks of the monitors should be first and foremost:

  • Assessing the course of the project and its compliance with a planned budget and the  Common Provisions is done through:
    • visits to beneficiaries (at least once a year)
    • analysing of the reports prepared by the beneficiaries
    • preparation of reports for the European Commission
  • Supporting the beneficiaries in the project
    • consulting in matters of interpretation of the Common Provisions
    • also serve as a link between the beneficiary and the Commission (they recommend solutions in the case of problems)
    • facilitate networking with other LIFE projects and support the dissemination of project results through the preparation of materials for the communication team

On 14th May 2015, by the Order No. 25/2015 of the Director of the Słowiński National Park in connection with the implementation of the project, also the Steering Committee was set up, which is a consultative and advisory for the Project Team.

The composition of the Steering Committee was established:

Mr Tomasz Heese, Prof. PhD Engineer – Chairman - Technical University in Koszalin,
Mr Roman Cieśliński, Prof. PhD - Deputy Chairman - University of Gdańsk,
Mr Andrzej Ryński - Regional Water Management Board,
Ms Joanna Jarosik - Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Gdańsk,
Mr Zdzisław Kołodziejski – District Office in Słupsk
Ms Beata Bernas - Land Melioration and Water Units Board in Gdańsk, Regional Branch in Słupsk, Mr Arkadiusz Walach - Smołdzino Commune,
Mr Krystian Obolewski, Professor of The Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz,
Mr Wacław Florek, Assoc. Prof. – The Pomeranian University in Słupsk,
Ms Izabella Tymrakiewicz – Energia Wytwarzanie S.A. [Energy Production, Joint Stock Company],
Ms Katarzyna Bociąg, PhD – University of University,
Mr Mirosław Grzyb – Expert.

The main tasks of the Steering Committee are:

  1. Supporting the Słowiński National Park in carrying out of the project,
  2. Ensuring good communication and consultation of the course of the project with the units that are represented by the Members of the Steering Committee,
  3. Assessing of the achieved results,
  4. Resolving the problems related to the implementation of the project,
  5. Advice aiming at eliminating of the risks that appear in carrying out of the project,
  6. Promoting activities carried out within the framework of the project.