Finally, the long-awaited construction works have started. The action entitled: " Restoration of the bottom of the Łupawa valley; beds of lowland and submontane rivers with communities of chrysanthemums (3260-1), oxbow lakes (3150-2) and ash-alder riparian forests (* 91E0) " is implemented in cooperation with the State Water Holding POLISH WATERS.
Since we have already started construction works, it is worth answering a few questions, and above all reminding what we are planning to achieve, what technical solutions we will use and why we have undertaken the task of renaturation in the indicated section of the Łupawa River.
The investment in question is located to the south of the town of Smołdzino, from the west the investment area is adjacent to the Rowokół mountain. Construction works begin about 210 m upstream from the Smołdzino Hydropower Plant

One of the sections of the fish pass during operation, each section is divided by bolts damming water to the appropriate heightDue to the next season, during which there is a fish pass at the Smołdzino hydroelectric power plant, we decided to present you the results so far The main purpose of building the fish pass is to enable the free movement of fish by clearing the migration corridor. That is why in this article, we want to share the data collected so far.