In June, works on clearing the ecological corridor of the Łupawa river began. From the concrete bridge, right next to the headquarters of the Słowiński National Park, one can observe the fish pass. In this way, two sections of the Łupawa River will be connected within the the Natura 2000 - Ostoja Słowińska area, allowing aquatic organisms to migrate. The construction of the fish pass will allow migration of many species of fish, including spawning migrations of sea trout and salmon.

A few technical matters?

Half-timbered fish pass, with a length of 83m and 22 chambers with the width of 2m.

Due to its length, greater than the length of the "island", the fish pass is folded once.

For the analysis of the phenomenon of fish migration and species identification, a monitoring station will be installed in the upper station in the first chamber.

The upper station of the step, on the inflow channel of the power plant and the eastern weir, will be equipped with an electric barrier. It is to minimize the phenomenon of fish migration towards the power plant grilles.

The contractor for the project is Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Hydrotechnicznych RUSIECKI Adam Rusiecki.