Słowiński National Park announces the art and photographic competition “Migratory wetland birds of Pobrzeże Słowińskie”. The purpose of the competition is to present species of migratory wetland birds that can be observed during their flights in the area of Pobrzeże Słowińskie. The list of species is provided in Appendix no. 1 to the Competition Rules.

Slowinski National Park invites to participate in the second edition of the nationwide competition carried out in the framework of the project LIFE 13/NAT/PL/000018 entitled “Conservation of selected habitats and species in Ostoja Słowińska PLH220023 and Pobrzeże Słowińskie PLB220003 Stage I”.

The competition consists in filming with mobile phone a short film promoting natural and landscape values of aquatic and wetland ecosystems connected with the project area (e.g. Łupawa river, polders on the eastern shore of Lake Gardno, birds and plants related to these ecosystems, Lake Gardno).