Please be informed that we extend the deadline for the submission of entries to the photo competition entitled “THROUGH THE LENS - BiRDS OF OSTOJA SŁOWIŃSKA AND POBRZEŻE SŁOWIŃSKIE”.

Due to many questions we kindly inform you that for the competition one can submit photographs of water meadow birds captured in frame outside the Słowiński National Park.

Słowiński National Park cordially invites to participation in photo competition entitled THROUGH THE LENS - BiRDS OF OSTOJA SŁOWIŃSKA AND POBRZEŻE SŁOWIŃSKIE.


The competition is nationwide and is designed for people in three age groups:


  • primary school children;
  • students from middle and upper secondary schools;
  • adults (over 19).


The competition is carried out under the project No. LIFE13 NAT/PL/000018 entitled "Conservation of selected habitats and species in Ostoja Słowińska PLH220023 and Pobrzeże Słowińskie PLB220003 Stage I". The main objective of the competition is the sensitization to the beauty of nature, to the need the conservation of Ostoja Słowińska and Pobrzeże Słowińskie, raising environmental awareness, building the responsibility for natural heritage and concern for its preservation. The end result of the competition will be a photo exhibition presenting BiRDS OF OSTOJA SŁOWiŃSKA AND POBRZEŻE SŁOWiŃSKIE. We are waiting for competition entries (photographs, activities) until 31 October, 2015. Terms of the competition, application form, and decleration are available in the Competitions sub-tab.




Terms of the competition

Application form