The LIFENaturaSlowinskaPL project also includes educational activities under which, among others, educational workshops in educational institutions included in the educational program of the Słowiński National Park are held. The target group of the workshops are students of primary and lower secondary schools. The detailed program, dates and frequency of their implementation in schools were individually tailored to the needs of the institutions that reported their willingness to participate in the series of meetings (currently we cooperate with seven institutions). As part of the workshops, each participant receives their own work materials (educational packages). Educational packages are dedicated to three age categories:

- grades 1-3 of primary school,
- grades 4-6 of primary school,
- grades 1-3 of lower secondary school.

Educational materials consist of, among others lesson plans for teachers, student work cards, nature-related folders, bird identification key, educational games.

We publish these packages in digital form here. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these materials, and teachers themselves, even to independently implement workshops devoted in particular to the protection of habitats, birds and fish. The whole material has been divided into three parts:

- intended for students, in which there are materials included in packages distributed to students
- intended for teachers and educators, where class plans and work cards are provided
- multimedia presentations, which present the subject of the classes in an attractive way.


Photo 1. Classes conducted at the Primary School in Smołdzino


Photo 2. The contents of the educational package


Photo 3. Cover of an educational package for pupils from grades 1 - 3 of primary school


Photo 3. Cover of an educational package for pupils from grades 4 - 6 of primary school


Photo 5. Cover of an educational package for lower secondary school students