On October 17, 2019, a seminar entitled "Protection of peat bog ecosystems of the Słowiński National Park" was held in the building of the former Natural Museum of SNP in Smołdzino. At the meeting, there was a lively discussion between participants, which was initiated by absorbing presentations on the state of peat bog vegetation, and hydrological conditions for the protection of the areas in question. The productive debate moved to the next part of the meeting, namely the field session, where participants could see with their own eyes how much work has already been put into protecting these ecosystems, and what else is planned to be done under the LIFE PEAT RESTORE project.

At the very beginning, the participants were familiarized with the general problem of peat bogs degradation, not only within the country but also on a European scale. Presenting the global situation at the very beginning gave the proper importance to the need to save such a valuable ecosystem in the area of SNP. The role of peat bogs in climate change also adds significance, which was presented in an interesting way. The thought that accompanied the first presentation is not only to restore damaged peat bogs, but above all, to protect those not yet destroyed.

The next key element in the program was to discuss the hydrological conditions of peat bog protection. The huge amount of work that was put into the hydrological monitoring was presented, thanks to diligent work, the participants of the meeting could understand on the basis of hydrological results how huge role water management plays in the areas covered by the project.

The condition of peat bog vegetation is another topic that has been noted. The current state of vegetation in specific areas was discussed. The presented presentation allowed to better understand the complexity of plant communities on peat bogs within the SNP.

After the small part, it was time for a field session. A field trip was an indispensable element of the whole meeting, because it perfectly complemented the presentations discussed earlier, and allowed the debate to continue in the surroundings of beautiful nature.

The conducted seminar shows how important the LIFE PEAT RESTORE project is for the fate of peat bogs. The team responsible for the implementation of the project performs work that is worth recognition and wider attention. There is nothing else to do but send you to the project website [click]. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the program of such a valuable project on a Polish and European scale.